Proji quick start guide

Getting Started Jan 06, 2021

We are happy to welcome you on board! We believe in simplifying complex project management tools without sacrificing core features, so you can focus on your product and customers. We hope that with proji you will increase your productivity and it will serve you in the achievement of your greatest goals in day to day life!

After setting up your workspace you can create your first project. You can have as many projects as you want. Each new project in the workspace is isolated  from one another. It means that every project has its own dashboard, boards, time tracking page, and project team members. After creating a new project don't forget to invite workspace members to share the project with people you want to work together. If you wish to keep one of the projects private, you can remove project members from the team page.

After creating a new project you can add your first board and start adding tasks to it. You can have as many boards in the project as you want. If you have multiple boars in one project at "Board Selector" you can star your favorite boards, it will add them to a quick access menu. By pressing the gear icon you can edit and delete the board.

After creating your first board you can start adding tasks! These tasks contain a handful of features such as:

  • Comments: Lets you have a chat, discussion regarding existing task details.
  • Assignee's: Lets you assign people to certain tasks, it indicates who is responsible for a particular task.
  • Due date: Indicates when the task has to be done.
  • Description: Lets you describe task details more briefly.
  • Tags: Lets you create and add labels on tasks to indicate to which task category it belongs

If you wish to start tracking your time hover on the task on which you are working now and press on the task gear icon and select "start tracking". After you are done don't forget to stop the timer and check your summary at the time tracking page. If you made a mistake you can edit or delete time entries.

To visualize your workflow and progress head to the project dashboard page. Here you can create multiple dashboards for your projects in case you have different use cases and want to keep them separated. Create your dashboards by pressing the "plus" button on the right side. Circles indicate your dashboards, it helps you can navigate between them easier.

After creating and selecting your first dashboard you can open widgets modal in the top right corner. Here you can select various widgets that are available now. We are working hard on constantly adding new widgets to solve all your problems. If you have any specific requests on certain widgets you would like to see you can send us an email at

As your workflow increases and you will start generating lots of data, dashboards will be your key to success, they will help you see your deadlines, and teams productivity, estimate time more efficiently

After setting up your project it's time to invite people! Go to the project team page, and click on the "plus" button. At add users modal you can invite people by email to your project. When they are invited to the project they will automatically be added to your workspace, it means that on the next project you create you can invite them directly from the list.

Happy working! 🏋️



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